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Is Cross-Fit Ready for Hand-Cycle Training?!…

How iRoll Sports is seeing more and more hardcore “cross-fit” type athletes from all over the world looking into Hand-Cycle training. The workout is truly innovative and unmatched, and the looks you receive from onlookers will be priceless! Melt upper-body fat while working on your tan! A Top End Hand-cycle is perfect for the “cross-fit” type person looking for the next innovative way to push themselves and get the results they desire.

Hand-cycles are unique in that the cycle is driven using only your arms. The gear-set is the exact same as a normal bicycle, but you use arms instead of legs… The arm cranks are symmetrical, which simulates a forward and backward row. With that being said, an insane TOTAL upper body and cardiovascular workout is the result every time. Now, cross-fit athletes can modify their Workout of the Day (“WOD”) by incorporating a badass upper body hand-cycle cardio workout.

Since How iRoll Sports is dedicated to promoting active healthy living through innovative sports. That’s why How iRoll Sports is excited to offer a full line up of only the best quality Handcycle available on the market. Always the best quality, and ALWAYS the lowest most competitive prices. Plus, free shipping! Oh so sweet!

Come visit us for a test drive if your Cross-Fit is located in the South Florida (Palm Beach, Miami, Ft Lauderdale) area.

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