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The Challenged Athletes Foundation (“CAF”) is one of the largest supporters of disabled athletes. CAF’s flagship program is called “Access for Athletes”. This program is ideal for when rehabilitation and health insurance end. Access for Athletes funds grants for equipment such as sports wheelchairs, hand-cycles, sit-skis and sports prosthetics for amputees. CAF also grants resource money for training and competition expenses directly to physically challenged individuals. Are you interested in getting into paratriathlons? If so, you’ll need a hand-cycle and a racing wheelchair. Allow CAF to buy one piece of equipment for your paratriathlon needs. Access for Athletes surmounts financial impediments to participation in sports, ensuring that disabled athletes are not left out because they can’t afford expensive adaptive equipment or training costs. Challenged Athletes Foundation believes participating in sports not only increases challenged athletes’ physical fitness and activity levels, but also enhances their confidence and self-esteem.

We’ve even seen CAF extend the application deadline, just to allow more applications to be submitted. Like we said before, CAF actually gets grants to the people, period!

Another great organization which does amazing things is the Kelly Brush Foundation. They offer an individual grant for adaptive athletic equipment for disabled athletes. In support of their mission to improve the quality of life for individuals living with spinal cord injury (“SCI”), Kelly Brush Foundation provides grants to people who have suffered a spinal cord injury and who qualify financially to assist in the purchase of adaptive athletic equipment. Over the years the foundation has been in existence, they’ve purchased handcycles, racing wheelchairs, quad-rugby wheelchairs, alpine sit-skis, nordic sit-skis, adaptive bowling chairs, adaptive tennis chairs, adaptive basketball wheelchairs, and scuba diving equipment (to name a few!) on behalf of grant applicants from all over the United States.

When you’re ready to get your grant equipment for the lowest price possible, How iRoll Sports is able to assist with the Kelly Brush Foundation purchasing process.



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