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DFX Sports & Fitness

Few folks could have imagined that a polycarbonate sphere about the size of a tennis ball would change the way people work out and recover from injuries forever. But that’s exactly what happened with the incredible popularity of the patented DFX Gyro. As a result, DFX Sports & Fitness has gone on to establish itself as a leader and innovator of fitness products.

Ideal for the adaptive wheelchair athlete looking to strengthen there hands and arms. Also great for therapeutic exercise

Whether you’re a weekend athlete—or simply want to improve the way you look and feel—the DFX lineup of exercise gyros represent the fitness breakthrough you’ve been looking for! So small they go anywhere, yet so powerful, you’ll SEE and FEEL tremendous results in just minutes a day! DFX is most popularly known for creating revolutionary exercisers that improve dexterity, promote blood circulation, and strengthen, tone, and increase muscle mass with low impact resistance training.

$ 69.99 $ 29.50