How iRoll Sports “Hands-Free” Multi-Straps: Luggage, Cycles, Skis

$ 5.99 $ 1.99

Set of 3 Pieces

We’ve taken a ski strap and turned it into a multi-strap for wheelchair users. Most wheelchairs have a cross bar on the backside of their seat. Now, velcro our multi-strap to your seatback and attach to your rolling luggage when traveling. Or, use the multi-strap to tow your hand-cycle and/or racing wheelchair at your next competition. No more worrying about who’s going to be there to help you.. Now, you can help yourself!! If your a paratriathlete traveling to your next paratriathlon, use 1 strap to tow your hand-cycle, and another strap to attach your racing wheelchair to back-end of hand-cycle.. Carry all your cycles and rolling luggage, independently, 100% hands free!

Also work perfectly for adaptive athletes who sit-ski. Attaches instantly by wrapping in-between, then around, your skis on the tips and tails; holds securely with hook-and-loop closure.