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Supracor Stimulite “Contoured” Wheelchair Cushion

$ 487.00 $ 374.00

The Supracor Stimulite Contoured Flat Bottom Honeycomb wheelchair cushion is built for stability and support, and is ideal for paraplegics and quadriplegics looking for perfect positioning and added support in all the right places. Get all the benefits of a high quality wheelchair cushion, without the hassle of potentially popping your cushion! The Supracor Stimulite Contoured Flat Bottom Wheelchair Cushion has a multi-layered honeycomb that’s subtly contoured into the form and designed specifically to utilize soft and stiff areas effectively. The perfect level of pelvic positioning improves posture and enhances stability and is a result of the rear dish honeycomb. The Supracor Stimulite Contoured Flat Bottom Wheelchair Cushion’s dish also houses the “sweet spot”, the softest part of the honeycomb material that contains the ischials and coccyx and helps prevent hammocking. The sweet spot gradually transitions to a stiffer honeycomb, distributing weight away from the ischials and toward the trochanters and thigh area for added support. The result, is a perfect fit!

Sensitive Skin? If so, try the optional XS Version, which includes an additional soft flexible honeycomb layer, which is sure to make your booty feel nice and cozy. Whatever your needs, Supracor Stimulite Contoured Honeycomb wheelchair cushion is a great option!

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