HARNESS Wheelchair Racing Gloves

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HARNESS DESIGNS, INC fabricates the best racing wheelchair (aka “push rim”) gloves on the market, period. Harness incorporates the finest materials and workmanship into original, innovative racing wheelchair gloves that are the result of collaboration with wheelchair users like yourself from around the world. You’ll make every stroke count with the specially formulated rubber push surfaces which grip well in both wet and dry conditions. Racing gloves are padded to absorb shock with foam that will hold its shape for many miles. Whether you’re a beginner, novice, or expert, these gloves are hands down the best quality on the market. Stay off the seams, push primarily on the fingers, let the gloves dry out after every use, and the standard racing gloves are good for about 1000 miles. Day gloves should last about three months.

Harness Designs, Inc. guarantees their materials and workmanship for 30 days, so if you have a problem just give us a call and we will repair or replace your gloves at no cost.


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