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How iRoll Sports provides innovative sports equipment for paratriathletes of all levels. A paratriathlon consists of a sequential “swim-bike-run” race. Paratriathlon is a relatively new sport for disabled wheelchair and amputee athletes. Many paraplegics are being introduced to this sport daily, and How iRoll Sports is the 1st company to offer all “paratriathlon” specific equipment needed to get into this amazing sport. We sell high quality custom HiRS silicone swim caps, adaptive paratriathlon custom HiRS ankle swim straps, underwater 100% waterproof iShuffle mp3 players with FREE waterproof headphones, and custom How iRoll Sports arm compression sleeves. We also have a full line of Top End hand cycles and racing wheelchairs, which are also required for a paratriathlon. From recreational hand-cycles to high performance hand cycles, How iRoll Sports has you covered!